Dekmantel Festival 2021

Options for Dekmantel Festival ticket holders

As reality has started to sink in, we have no other option than to move on from where we stand. Everyone with a ticket for Dekmantel…

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Dekmantel Festival 2021 postponed

Dekmantel Festival 2021 postponed. We have been working around the clock to make Dekmantel Festival a reality this year, so it is…

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Dekmantel Festival is sold out

That’s it — Dekmantel Festival 2021 is completely sold out. Last year has been nothing short of a rollercoaster, but your immense…

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General sales starts on Monday

We’re over the moon with your endless enthusiasm, August really can’t come soon enough. We’re shifting to our final stint of General…

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Announcement ticket sales

Things are getting real! The summer we’ve awaited for so long is finally being kicked into gear. We’ve listed down the key dates for…

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Dekmantel Festival is going ahead!

Words can't express our happiness and relief at the moment to share this with you! News just got in that The Netherlands is allowing…

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Update Dekmantel Festival 2021

It still feels a little unreal, and we are pinching ourselves over being able to share this message with you, but after last week’s…

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