Seven Summers Strong

What were your cherished memories of Dekmantel Festival 2018? Sweat dripping down the back wall of the UFO II as overhead striplights raced blue and green? DJs hopping into the audience under the Selectors willows to dance to their own records? New life breathed into Bronski Beat, Bushwacka and “Basscadet” over at the main stage? Another techno supergroup peering over a tangle of wires in the UFO? Sprinting between the opening concerts to hear adventurous live music from Zambia, Japan, China and the Congo fill the city air (surely the sweetest noise pollution a city can offer)? Cycling home through the forest, thinking about how you can’t wait to do it all again? Yeah: us too.

2019 marks the 7th edition of our summer centrepiece, and the options available have never felt more exciting. This ‘choose your own adventure’ programming is no accident. We love music of all stripes, so why not put the broadest possible array on display for those who travel from around the world to the Amsterdamse Bos? The cast changes year by year, but our guiding mission objective does not. Whether you’re searching for EBM or jazz fusion, you’ll find only the best on offer. Plus, of course, music lovers as eager and receptive as you are to share the experience with - whichever experience it is that you decide upon. Welcome back.