Spread out across two days along the IJ river, the Wednesday and Thursday program of Dekmantel Festival push its full potential by going further beyond the palette of sounds that makes up its Amsterdamse Bos counterpart. While Wednesday revolves around its revered concerts at Muziekgebouw, our Thursday unfurls into a myriad of live performances, talks, radio shows, workshops and films – all in collaborations with local partners such as afk, Bud, Resident Advisor; as well as the venues below.

Full Aan 't IJ schedule, including Jeff Mills, Arushi Jain, and many more...


Interstellar Funk Live
Jeff Mills Presents Tomorrow Comes The Harvest
Mathilde Nobel


Arushi Jain
Bogdan Raczynski
BSS Live Premiere VANTA A/V
Feral & Spekki Webu Live Premiere
Higher Intelligence Agency Live
Hieroglyphic Being & Jerzy Mączyński (UHF) Premiere
Hudson Mohawke Live
Coby Sey
Lucrecia Dalt
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
Nala Sinephro
Nusantara Beat
object blue & Natalia Podgórska Live A/V
Poly Chain Live
Parrish Smith Live
Rachika Nayar
Ronald Langestraat
Voices From The Lake
William Basinski

Wednesday tickets are sold out, Thursday tickets are available here.


Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ

Piet Heinkade 1 | 1019 BR Amsterdam
The imposing concert hall venue Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ is a vital part of Dekmantel Festival. One of Amsterdam's architectural highlights, with immense windows overlooking the river, it is the perfect setting for experiment and close-listening. Stunningly situated on the banks of the Amsterdam river het IJ, near to the city’s Central Station, it hosts the festival’s Wednesday concerts and part of the Thursday program.

BIMHUIS yellow


Piet Heinkade 3, 1019 BR Amsterdam
Directly bordering the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, the elevated structure of Bimhuis is a definite eye-catcher and famous space for jazz, improv and avant-garde music from all corners of the world. Structured with features of an amphitheatre and with it’s relatively small capacity, it’s the suited place for intimate close listening — which is why we’re thrilled to host part of our Thursday program at Bimhuis.

Parallel yellow


IJpromenade 2, 1031 KT Amsterdam
On the opposite of the river, part of the Thursday program takes place at Parallel — a stunning venue, functioning as the dependence of Paradiso, the city’s legendary pop venue. With its lush garden, great acoustics and view over the IJ river, it’s a more than a suited refuge for intimate concerts.

Shelter yellow


Overhoeksplein 3, 1021 KS Amstedam
A longtime venue for parts of the Thursday program, Shelter is one of the city’s best clubs — and with it’s perfected sound system and acoustics, it’s easy to tell why.
Located on the North of the IJ river, the club opened in 2016 in the basement of the A’DAM tower. Whilst offering a wide spectrum of electronic music, we’re thrilled to put hands together for the fourth time during Dekmantel Festival’s Thursday through hosting several concerts at this exciting spot.

EYE yellow

Eye Filmmuseum

Ijpromenade 1, 1031 KT Amsterdam
Located on the North side of the river IJ, close to Parallel and Shelter, you’ll find the beautifully designed Eye Filmmuseum — Amsterdam’s film museum and arthouse cinema. Integral part of the festival’s Thursday program, the venue is host to the Dekmantel Festival Conferences, lectures and film screenings. All activities at EYE Filmmuseum truly dive into Dekmantel’s background and pure interests – the perfect place to drop by in between the concerts.