Bass scene standouts SICARIA (formerly Sicaria sound) bring a heavy selection of flavours from across the 140 bpm spectrum. Rising to prominence off the back of their legendary Boiler Room Bass & Percs set – a wall-to-wall hour of gun-finger-inducing bangers (if you haven't given it a spin already, now is the time to do so) – the South London-based duo is comprised of Imbratura Lou and Ndeko Sancha. Bonding over a shared love for dubstep, the pair have fused their personal tastes, combining Imbratura’s passion for grime and dancehall with Ndeko’s roots in sound system culture. Now residents of DMZ co-founder Mala’s Deep Medi label, in 2020, the duo established their own imprint Cutcross Recordings, releasing tracks from Ehua, L U C Y, Sir Rah, Sickie Cell and many more.

Sunday, August 6 | 15:00 - 16:30, The Nest