Whatever medium it is that Sevdaliza speaks through, she’s constructing a world of her own that mirrors and distills the world we all share. The Iranian-Dutch artist approaches her work from a multidisciplinary perspective, constantly challenging her self-taught skills as a singer, songwriter, producer, visual artist and director. Poignancy comes first in Sevdaliza’s sound experiments, which mainly incorporate and warp elements of trip-hop, electronic, R&B and pop. Where debut album ‘ISON’ combined minimalist breaks with richly orchestrated downtempo – and gained Sevdaliza global acclaim – ‘Shabrang’ fully established her eclectic nature, ranging from stripped and brutally tender ballads to maximalist pop productions with an industrial flair. Most recently, Sevdaliza stirred souls with ‘Woman Life Freedom’, a haunting yet hopeful song of solidarity with the women of Iran.