Rrose Live

Rrose is the respected and Duchamp-inspired alter ego of American artist Seth Horovitz, an interdisciplinary DJ/composer/multi-instrumentalist based in London. Inspired by microtonality, the limits of perception, and the idiosyncrasies of machines, Rrose creates strains of techno that are highly detailed, sensual and spellbinding. Active in electronic and avant-garde music since the early 90s, the Rrose moniker was born in 2010 when Horovitz started collaborating with composer Bob Ostertag and his Buchla 200E synthesizer. Various mysterious releases and appearances followed, and in 2019 the artist finally released the fully realized album ‘Hymn to Moisture’. At this year’s Dekmantel Festival, Rrose will present a live rendition of their hallucinogenic work – but before that happens, we highly suggest checking out the beautiful website to get a glimpse of the artist’s singular mind.

Saturday, August 5 | 17:00 - 18:00, UFO I