Poly Chain Live

Intense, visceral and churning, Sasha Zakrevska (AKA Poly Chain) expands the horizon of contemporary club music. Tightly coiled and razor-sharp, she dismantles the cogs of electro, IDM and techno, reassembling their parts into inventive and melodically complex new machines. Since her making her debut with the LP Music For Candy Shops in 2017 – a spin on the Brain Eno classic – her output has exploded. Alongside composing pieces for theatre and museum performances, there’s been a spilt-side EP with Turkish DJ Nene H, cosmic solo albums for Mondoj, BAS.Kolektyw and DOM TROJGA, not to mention Fairy Disco, an album released in aid of Ukraine's efforts to ward off Russia’s devastating invasion. A leading light in Kyiv's dance renaissance, Poly chain’s brilliance will be burning bright for a long time to come.

Thursday, August 3