Phillip Jondo & DJ Python

Phillip Jondo
Cologne's Phillip Jondo draws to the more oddball and adventurous ends of the musical spectrum. He is likely to cover anything from mutant electronics, distinct rhythms and undiscovered experimental oddities. It can be a wild ride, but with Jondo at the helm, we know we're in good hands.

DJ Python
DJ Python doesn't make it easy for others. His 'Derretirse' EP for Dekmantel Records was acclaimed across the board, carrying on the trippy tones and low-slung rhythms he has made his own since the breakout Dulce Compañia. And then at Dekmantel Festival 2019, what did he go and do? Blow the place apart by playing Röyksopp, of all artists. This year he's back at the Boiler Room stage. We will have to wait and see what happens...