Juliana Huxtable & JASSS

Juliana Huxtable
An undisputed figurehead of the NYC scene, Juliana Huxtable is an artist of seemingly endless talents. Interdisciplinary and intersectional, she’s one of the most singular voices in the contemporary art world. Among her majestic skill set is the ability to play dazzling and unpredictable DJ-sets, full of deconstructed electronic landscapes, technoid dream-pop and fizzing rave that will keep you fascinated at every turn.

JASSS can do it all: from producing face melting experimental electronic records, to DJing the wildest club sets. With striking EPs on Mannequin Records, Whities, and full albums on Ostgut Ton and iDeal Recordings, JASSS has marked electronic music with her particular sound, where industrial rugged rhythms melt into Wave melancholia and Rock-like riffs. When she’s not in her studio, you’ll probably find the Herrensauna-affiliate creating pure mayhem in a club.