Higher Intelligence Agency

Higher Intelligence Agency speaks in the language of dreams. Founded by DJ and musician Robert Bird during Birmingham’s iconic Oscillate club nights (which also played host to acts such as Autechre and Orbital), the project is amongst those credited with spawning the IDM genre. On essential records like Freefloater and Colourform, HIA synthesised a pioneering blend of experimental techno, downtempo, breakbeat and electro. Now, following a two-decade hiatus, Bird is back. Set to perform a grooved-based showcase of classic 1990s tracks and more recently released material – including 2022's Song Of The Machine, an album inspired by recordings of 250-year-old beam engines – it’s clear that he’s lost none of his uniquely cerebral vision. Prepare to be taken on a cosmic journey where sound shifts into evermore boundless forms.

Thursday, August 3