Coby Sey

Enter into the fractal universe of Coby Sey. The vocalist, musician and DJ from South East London offers up a shifting, disorienting vision of club music, drawing on motifs of hip hop, drone, techno, and post-punk to evoke a dubbed-out anaesthesia. Imbued with a heady, hypnotic energy, his performances are fleshed out by live instrumentation courtesy of his revolving band of close South London cohorts. A renowned collaborator with the likes of Mica Levi, Tirzah, Dean Blunt, Klein and more, Sey is fresh from his latest partnership with Laurel Halo on the single ‘Belleville’, a formless, ethereal track that borrows from jazz, distortion and lucid dreams.

Thursday, August 3 | 21:30 - 22:30, Parallel