Call Super

Call Super

AUG 3 / Amsterdamse Bos

AUG 3 / Radion

A highlight from every Dekmantel Festival edition is always Call Super and his upbeat, selectors sessions. This year he’s back again and bringing with him his obscure, broken-beat techno, oddball house, progressive-rave-disco and more, thanks to his gloriously, deep record bag. With his new LP 'Arpo' easily narrating his high-brow, art-disco, future-flutist, rave sound, Call Super’s thorough mixing and general mad-shit vibes are ones that are always welcome in the woods. As featured in the Dekmantel Selector’s documentary series, Call Super’s one-off talent and approach to life and music is solidified by his all-round dexterity, creativity and musical style and is always a pleasure to watch, dance and party to. 


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