Low Jack, J-Zbel (live) & Judaah (BFDM Showcase)

Low Jack, J-Zbel (live) & Judaah (BFDM Showcase)

AUG 3 / Amsterdamse Bos

Low Jack
Part of a French set who smelt the components of scorched techno, raw analog heat, noise and various other components of electronic gristle down into a grinding dancefloor sound, Low Jack's output as an artist compliments the music that runs through his own labels, In Paradisum and Editions Gravats. It all adds up to murk and murkage.

J-Zbel (live)
Featuring at Dekmantel Festival for the first time – alongside his Brothers From Another Mothers, Low Jack and Judaah – the Lyon-based rave miscreant known as J-Zbel is a dancefloor destroyer keeping France in a permanent state of near-riot.

Nope, Brothers From Different Mothers is not just a musty distillation of recent hypes. TheLyon imprint is at the vanguard of the city's flourishing electronic music scene, putting out records that span rave, breakbeat and hip-hop, largely produced by up and coming artists. For Dekmantel Festival, BFDM regulars J-Zbel and Judaah team up with Parisian producer Low Jack.

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