Jamie Tiller & Raphaël Top-Secret

Jamie Tiller & Raphael Top-Secret

AUG 4 / Amsterdamse Bos

Jamie Tiller
As a co-founder of the excellent Music from Memory label, Jamie Tiller (who also counts himself among the Red Light Records team) has continually dug up and released many volumes of essential Balearic, neo-classical, and minimalist electronic works from musicians old and new. Appropriately enough, his DJ sets reflect the sensibilities Music from Memory hold dear—colourful melodies, sun-kissed sonics, and playfully buoyant disco and house grooves are all fair game when the Berlin-based jock takes over the decks.

Raphaël Top-Secret
Raphaël Top-Secret is known for his notorious digging skills, which he prefers to put in practice at the best Parisian record stores or unknown flee markets. In his earlier days, he used to dj frequently with Antinote label boss Zaltan, touching on everything in between balearic, boogie, reggae, world music, disco and house. As a producer, Raphaël’s work is remarkable too — his ‘Love So High’ EP dropped in 2016 on the same label and three dance floor gems we still can’t get enough of. 

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