Raime (live) - cancelled

Raime (live) - cancelled

The UK duo consisting of Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead have become the epitome of the sound of modern wave music thanks to two albums of futurist minimalism, crunching guitar lines, haunting percussion, and bleak epochal bass on scene-defining imprint Blackest Ever Black. Following an exploration of grime and jungle influences via a string of EPs under the Yally alter-ego, the new Raime material suggests a return to an electronic focus, and a more colourful, rhythmical direction. Making their debut at this year’s proceedings, Raime couldn’t be recommended further.  

Update: Raime unfortunately had to cancel their performance due unforeseen circumstances. The full statement, written by the duo themselves, can be found below. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through: support@dekmantel.com

“We are writing to apologise for the cancellation of our upcoming show, and want to explain how we have arrived at this unfortunate outcome.

We are currently working on new material, and this show was planned to act as a platform for presenting this new work. Unfortunately this process has taken a great deal longer than we had anticipated, and we are not in a position to deliver a fully realised live show at this point in time. 

We are very reluctant to come to this decision as we always strive to honour our commitments to play live. We also care a great deal about our audience, and always want to give anyone that has paid to see us the best show possible. We would also like to extend our thanks to Dekmantel for inviting us to play and send out apologies to their team.

We hope to return when the music is completed, and we can focus on presenting a show that is up to standard.”

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