Antal & Hunee

Antal & Hunee

AUG 6 / Amsterdamse Bos

With Hunee and Antal performing together at this year’s festival, we have two DJs operating in worlds of their own, encompassing the sounds of the worlds of others. Last year in Croatia at Dekmantel Selectors, Rush Hour owner Antal warmed up the beach stage up with some trademark Brazilian and worldy-disco records, as the sun began to kiss the coastline. He was swiftly followed up by compatriot and connoisseur Hunee whose infectious, tropical soul invited the warm, Adriatic night into the hearts of those dancing. This will be the second time the two play together at Dekmantel, and hopefully not the last.


If you ever experienced the pleasure of attending a performance by Hunee, you can agree with us that this versatile DJ and producer is synonym for pure musical joy and is an absolute pleasure to hear and watch. The selector embodies the meaning of a passionate, educated selector and is a guarantee for disco-, house- and techno-fuelled heat on the dance floor. Like said above, Hunee will team-up on the main stage with Rush Hour's Antal.


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