Objekt & Call Super

Objekt & Call Super

AUG 6 / Amsterdamse Bos

The Berlin based DJ’s sets are often unpredictable, obtuse and cutting, in a way that’s similar to his productions and seemingly outside of what we often expect. An adept and creative mixer, able to switch tempos with ease and wash tracks throughout the EQ spectrum, TJ Herz is an accomplished DJ as he is a selector. This year at Dekmantel he’ll be playing alongside close friend, and musical genius Call Super for an extended set of broken-beat techno, oddball house, progressive-rave-disco and more.

Call Super
One of the highlights from last year’s festival was easily Dekmantel label member Call Super’s upbeat, late-afternoon set on the Selectors Stage. This year he’s back and he’s bringing with him close friend, and musical ally Objekt for an extended set of first-rate mixing and exceptional selections. Together, the Berlin-based duo have been known to extend their range of sounds thanks to their gloriously, deep record bags.


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