Joy Orbison & Jon K

Joy Orbison & Jon K

AUG 5 / Amsterdamse Bos

Joy Orbison
One of the most acclaimed underground DJs in the world, Joy Orbison’s name is now one of the first to be billed when it comes to a Dekmantel event. With a latent ability to craft immersive and moving sets no matter what environment he’s playing in, the UK talent is always able to conjure up something special. This year Joy Orbison will be joined by seasoned tastemaker Jon K, for a special back-to-back session, in which the two will showcase their exemplary and eccentric tastes.

Jon K

Manchester’s very own Jon K has built a reputation for himself by delving into the depths of dark, subterranean dancefloor music with bass-fueled beats, echo-soaked space disco and all manners of electronic explorations. Resident of notable parties Hoya:Hoya and Eyes Down, Jon K will be playing alongside UK tastemaker Joy Orbison for a special back-to-back session.


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